Fernando Rueda


Fernando Rueda García (Malaga, 1952) is a historian, dedicated to the ethnographic and anthropological research of Málaga and Andalucía. He is a member of the Andalusian Commission of Ethnology and Anthropology and of the scientific committee of the National Kitchen Team. Research Award in Folk Arts (1981) and "Enrique Mapelli" National Award for Best Andalusian Cuisine Critique of 2010 by the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga. Founder and president of Gastroarte, Gastronomic Group of Andalucía that includes one of the most important movements of haute cuisine in Spain. Consulting Partner of Lumen, Gastronomic Management. Columnist and author of thirty ethnography and traditional cuisine books, including an encyclopedia in 12 volumes on the Malaga cuisine, or the well known "libro rojo de la cocina malagueña" recently reissued.