Do you know the Library?


In Andalucía traditional cuisine is an indigenous cuisine, passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The different civilizations that traced the history of the Andalusian people left a rich legacy in aromas, flavours and colours, and techniques and culinary traditions that are the source of Andalusian cuisine.


The Andalusian cuisine is unique, authentic and rich in resources, it reflects our history, preserves our identity and, thanks to our elders, is preserved in original condition; However, today there are several reasons that are leading to the loss of food and traditional flavours, and thus to the disappearance of our culinary heritage of many traditional recipes and meals. The industrialization of production processes, the low profits of production and distribution of certain foods favoured by the dominance of large multinationals; changing habits and tastes amongst consumers, or high prices of not very demanded products are, among others, the reasons that lead to this situation, in which we risk losing many traditional recipes of our "grannys kitchen" based on the benefits of the healthy Mediterranean Diet.


UNESCO proclaimed in 2010 the Mediterranean Diet, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and Andalusian cuisine is a fundamental part of this heritage. Accordingly, the government of Andalucía is required to develop actions together with its citizens, to promote its safeguard in accordance with the directions of UNESCO. Therefore, from the European Institute of Mediterranean Food (IEAMED), is pleased to present the Library of Andalusian Gastronomy - Recovering the gastronomic memory of Andalucía", a public database that aims to collect, on one hand, traditional andalusian recipes, and on the other, unique recipes which if not safeguarded will probably disappear and, finally, recipes that have disappeared and are worth recovering. A key legacy for future generations.